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Be it a big party or a small gathering coconut express has solutions that fit every budget and needs. Impress your guests with our great dishes on the menu prepared with perfection using the best ingredients.

Coconut Express Party Trays

Coconut express party trays are ideal for groups of less than 25 people or for people who wants to customize their menu based on your headcount and palate. An ideal menu would consists of one or two apetizers and two or three entrees and two sides. Our catering menu offers wide variety of choice that can satisfy every taste buds. if you want to throw a grand party dont forget to add some Biriyani and dessert also to your menu

catering package for larger group

Want to host a birthday party or you want to cater for a business meeting? Be it a business meeting or personal evenet If your party size is more than 25 people we have exciting catering package to take your worry away so that you can focus on other aspects of planning. Just tell us how many guests and pick your choice of 2 starters and 3 Veg or Chicken entrees. Our package comes with Jeera rice, Nan and salad

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Classic Recipes

Party tray serving size

1/4 tray - 8 PPL, 1/2 Tray - 12 PPL, 3/4 tray - 25PPL, Full Tray - 45 PPL






Biriyani party tray feeds

1/4 tray - 6 PPL, 1/2 Tray - 8 PPL, 3/4 tray - 20 PPL, Full Tray - 30 PPL

Kerala specialities

party trays serving size

1/4 tray - 8 PPL, 1/2 Tray - 12 PPL, 3/4 tray - 25 PPL, Full Tray - 50 PPL



Appetizers / Snacks

Appetizer party trays feeds

1/4 tray - 8PPL, 1/2 Tray - 15 PPL, 3/4 tray - 30PPL, Full Tray - 50 PPL


Bread & Sides




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